Why I participated in yesterday’s Internet Blackout Day.

Yesterday, January 18, Our Special Families Village and my other site ePro Virtual Assistance joined thousands of other websites, from small, personal blogs to Google, in a virtual protest of proposed legislation SOPA and PIPA. These bills are intended to stop piracy.

One of my goals here on Our Special Families Village is to sort through the literally thousands of articles relating to Special Needs each day and bring you valuable information and resources. I would never plagiarize in any way. I always give you the link to the original article so you can read further if you wish. This helps you, it helps me and it helps the sites I link to. Under the terms of SOPA and PIPA, this would be technically illegal. Our Special Families Village could be blacked out without warning. No questions asked. I would be denied my right to bring this information to you and you would be denied your right to read it. In a word, Our Village would be censored.

I urge you to educate yourselves about this dangerous legislation and contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators to voice your opinion.

Google's Doodle on Internet Blackout Day

Google's Doodle on Internet Blackout Day

Here are some excellent articles and resources:

Google – End Piracy, Not Literacy

Mashable – Don’t Censor the Web

This is the Internet After SOPA

We Need to Talk about Piracy (But We Must Stop SOPA)

Obama Says So Long SOPA, Killing Controversial Internet Piracy Legislation

Fight for the Future

Stop American Censorship

And my personal favorite – The Oatmeal

Keep in mind that under SOPA and PIPA, providing you with these links would put me at risk of having Our Special Families Village shut down. Without warning. Without Due Process. Shoot first and maybe ask questions later.

And while it looks like the legislation as it stands will be defeated (Obama says he’ll veto it if it gets to him) that does not mean that it will go away. It will come back. Reworked, rewritten, cloaked. And we must continue to work toward a fair and reasonable solution so everyone is allowed their voice.

SOPA is not anti-piracy. It is censorship. And it is wrong.

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  1. Lana says

    This subject is very confusing, thankfully some people are willing to hash through all the details and reiterate it in a language that common people can understand. I am referring to this article: http://calitics.com/diary/14115/confessions-of-a-hollywood-professional-why-i-cant-support-the-stop-online-piracy-act

    We need to keep up on this issue to insure that common sense prevails. And thankfully there are people out there who understand all the technical jargon to help us all understand the true issue.

  2. Sandra says

    Thank you for sharing that article, Lana. Marta makes some very compelling points and lays out here case extremely well. Definitely one of the best articles on SOPA that I have seen.

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