Matthew and the 2012 Special Olympics Area Games

Matthew started Special Olympics back in 2002 and it has been such a wonderful experience for him and our entire family. Matthew has made friends, learned a lot, and had even more fun! I’ve made a lot of friends too, had a great time coaching and had even more fun!

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Sandra About Sandra

Sandra Pearson is Matthew's Mom. She is building Our Special Families Village to be the community she wishes she had when they were starting their journey. Please share your thoughts, ideas, questions, whatever, in the comments section. If you wish to send Sandra a private message, please use the Contact page. Thanks!


  1. Sandra,

    What a great time you and Matthew must have had. It is so awesome to read about your exciting times. It sounds as though a great time was had by everyone! Although I am having troubles, on my end, viewing video..I will have it straightened out & will be able to see again.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Kind regards,

  2. Wow! What an athlete! Congratulations, Matthew!
    Great video!

  3. Thanks Mary!

  4. Thanks, Cindi. Sorry you’re having trouble seeing the video. It might just be taking a while to load. If you can’t make it work, try clicking through and viewing it on YouTube.

  5. Sandra & Matthew,
    Congratulations! and Thank you for bringing back memories when I chaperoned for the Special Olympic’s throughout my college years. I met such wonderful people and I am sure Matthew would have been one of them had he participated in our local games all the way over here on the East coast. I love the way Matthew celebrates! Yeah, Matthew!

  6. I love the way he celebrates, too! Thank you Connie.

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