Down Syndrome – The News You Need This Week (2/14/12)

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Over-Expression of a Protein Responsible for Neuronal Damage in Down’s Syndrome Sufferers

“This discovery may help scientists find new molecular therapeutic targets to aid not only the treatment of Down’s syndrome but also other pathologies involving intellectual disability, such as Fragile X syndrome.”

“I have Down syndrome. I have medals … I am champion.”

One of my favorite times of the year is just around the corner – The Special Olympics Spring Season. I’m blessed to help out with my Son, Matthew’s, Track and Field Athletics Team. It’s such fun and so heartwarming. If you are wondering if Special Olympics would be good for your Family Member with Down Syndrome, then this article might be helpful.

“It isn’t hard for me when I’m alone, and they ask me why he looks like this. But once he started to realise, then it was hard. We tell him to talk about himself so people can know him better.”

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