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Autism isn’t always obvious, but it’s always there

It’s hard to describe the feeling, as a dad, when people who mean well — and who you know mean well — look at you as if you’re some kind of bungling incompetent, who has jeopardized your child’s future by turning to the label-obsessed medical establishment instead of letting your kid be, well, himself.

Building a Transition Plan

Transition services are a coordinated set of activities that promote movement from school to such post-school activities as post-secondary education, vocational training, employment, adult services, independent living and community participation. They must be based on the individual student’s needs, taking into account his or her preferences and interests. Transition services must include instruction, community experiences, and development of employment and other post school adult living objectives. If appropriate, daily living skills and functional vocational evaluation may also be included.

Acetaminophen and its Possible Connection to the Rise in Autism

Why is the autism rate in Cuba so much lower than in the US and is there a single environmental factor that is causing the rise in autism?” We couldn’t wait to find out! The following is a summary of what we learned…

 NBC’s Parenthood Explores Autism

Sarah astutely pointed out that students aren’t ever allowed to simply “not participate” in math class. This, of course, is true: if either boy had a math disability, the math lesson would be modified to allow their full participation at a level appropriate for them, and they would be expected to participate. The time wouldn’t simply be wasted. The boys wouldn’t simply be left to their own devices, literally.

10 Reasons not to Discuss Child Sexual Abuse

Jill has presented ten myths that prevent us from talking to our children about it. All children, especially those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, need to be armed with the knowledge necessary to protect themselves so please read this post, read her book, then read her book to your child and start talking. An informed child is a safe child.

The Brain – The Troublesome Bloom of Autism

 At the time, Courchesne was investigating how children’s brains respond to new pieces of information. “I encountered a clinical psychologist who studied children with autism,” he says. “She told me, ‘Autistic children aren’t interested in novelty. They’re interested in routine.’ ” Yet the young man Courchesne met showed more range. At first he responded to Courchesne’s questions only with short answers, “but when I talked with him further, I discovered he had a tremendous wealth of knowledge,” the neuroscientist recalls. “He had calendar memory. He just wasn’t interested in being sociable.”

Parenting Adults With Autism 

With just a bit of tweaking, my son, and growing numbers like him, can truly be beneficial to our society in ways people have not even begun to consider. And the “trick” for me is finding someone to give them a chance.

What the UK High Court’s Ruling on John Walker-Smith Means and Doesn’t Mean

It’s important to be very clear about what this ruling means. Mr. Justice Mitting did not find that Professor Walker-Smith’s actions were medically necessary or ethical. The ruling does not exonerate Walker-Smith. That was not what the hearing was about. Mitting was only ruling on the conduct, the decision-making, of the GMC’s Fitness to Practice panel. More broadly, Mitting found aspects of the GMC’s procedures to be flawed.

What Do School Personnel Know about Autism? 

There is a critical need for more coordinated efforts among community and school professionals for the training of teachers in evidence-based instruction and behavioral management practices for children with ASD.

Special-needs restraint called means to safety

“Disability advocates like to say that somehow schools are conspiring to hurt children and they’r e using seclusion and restraints as a tool to do this. That is not the case,” said Pudelski, government-affairs manager at the Alexandria, Va.-based group. “No school administrator that we represent believes that these techniques should be used as a means of punishing students. It should never be commonplace.”

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